Sunday, November 30, 2008

Use CollapseComments to make your life easier

CollapseComments's capability is not limited to comments by brain dead idiots. It can be used to suite individual liking. The extension does not decide if a particular comment is worth reading or not. Its up to the user to decide whose comments he/she does not wish to read.

So, for a very far fetched example, if a particular moron don't want to read comments by someone that wake him up from his dream, he too can use CollapseComments.

I'm attaching two screen shots, depicting its use against different individuals.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Feature wishlist for next release

I've collected couple of features that could be included in the next release. Some of them were suggested by fellow bloggers like Sam and Randana. I would like to get some feedback on current issues, enhancements, new features, etc. based on your experience of CollapseComments.

Current list:
  1. Add context menu items to update blacklist with nicks/ids.
  2. Add a context menu item with sub menu items to easily update blacklist.
    The menu items will be accessible by right clicking on the blogger nick.

  3. Remove deleted comments

  4. Update status bar icon and context menu on tab selection
  5. Currently the status bar icon and context menu does not change to indicate the correct state (collapsed/expanded) when different tabs are selected.

  6. Have a whitelist mode
  7. Have a list of ids/nicks in a separate list.
    If whitelist mode is selected, all comments will be collapsed except for the ones posted by those in the whitelist.
    This will be useful to read comments posted by a selected set of bloggers.

  8. Import/export capability of blacklist

  9. Enable for article view
  10. Anyone using the article view and want CollapseComments to support it?
    Currently it supports the comments view.
    Screen shots of both views are attached at the end of the post.
I might not implement all of these features in the next release. It would be helpful to get the preferential order of these, as well as other, features.

I'm hoping to start development on these features once version 0.0.1 becomes public.

Comments view:

Article view: